Tyk Cloud FAQs

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We have put together some FAQs to help you get to grips with Tyk Cloud.

Q1: Is a Cloud Data Plane Deployment considered highly available? Do I need to deploy multiple Cloud Data Planes to a single Data Center?

A: On a Production plan and higher there are at least two Gateway instances at all times, usually in different availability zones within a single region (in cloud provider terms).

Q2: What are the performance benchmarks of a single Cloud Data Plane?

A: In Phase 2 we plan to allow users to choose from a pool of “runtimes” that provide different performance targets, so they’ll be able to have a Tyk Cloud environment with Cloud Data Planes that can sustain more load and then another environment (e.g. for testing) that sustains less.

Q3: How can I geo-load balance across multiple Cloud Data Planes? Why should I want to?

A: The use case to deploy multiple Cloud Data Planes is either segregating regional traffic and/or segregating APIs. This doesn’t necessarily concern High Availability.

The number of actual Gateway instances within a single Cloud Data Plane deployment varies, auto-scales and load balances depending on the plan.

If you deploy several Cloud Data Planes and want to use it to e.g. geo-load balance it’s currently your responsibility to put such a system into place, but we have plans to help with this in later phases.

Q4: What instance sizes/VMs does a Gateway run on?

A: You won’t need to worry. We abstract all the resources and only provide performance “targets”. See Q2.

Q5: Can I connect my own Hybrid Gateways?

A: Yes. The MDCB Ingress URL is given in the Control Plane details page, which allows for connecting a Hybrid Gateway.

Q6: Can we use SSO in the Dashboard and/or Portal?

A: Yes, as of v3.0.0, TIB is integrated into Tyk Dashboard, meaning that once a Control Plane is deployed, a user can go into the Identity Management section of Tyk Dashboard and setup SSO with their IdP for both the Dashboard and Developer Portal.

Q7: How do I view Gateway/Dashboard logs for troubleshooting?

A: This will be exposed in later phases per deployment.

Q8: How do Segment tags work with Tyk Cloud?

A: When a Cloud Data Plane is deployed, the tag ’edge’ and a location tag are automatically generated for the Cloud Data Plane. You use these tags to connect your API to the appropriate Cloud Data Plane. It works as follows:

  • Add the edge tag to your API to connect it to all Cloud Data Planes within the Control Plane.
  • Add the location tag to your API to connect it to only Cloud Data Planes with that location within the Control Plane.

To add either of the tags, see Adding an API in the Getting Started section.


You must add one of the above tags to any API you add to your Control Plane Dashboard.