Tyk Classic Developer Portal

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The Tyk Classic Developer Portal is a small CMS-like system that enables you to expose a facade of your APIs and then allow third-party developers to register and use your APIs.

The Tyk Classic Developer Portal enables you to:

  • Host pages written in Markdown to describe your API and product.
  • Use Bootstrap based templates to completely customise the look and feel.
  • Host your API documentation in Swagger/OpenAPI or API Blueprint for developers to use. In the case of Swagger/OpenAPI, you can either paste your Swagger content (JSON or YAML) into the code editor, or via a link to a public Swagger hosted URL, which can then be rendered by using Swagger UI.
  • Unlike other platforms, Tyk will not auto-publish your APIs to the Portal, instead they are presented as a facade, you choose what APIs and what Policies to expose to the Portal.
  • Fully control the flow of the developer sign-up and enrollment.

The Tyk Classic Developer Portal is suitable for primary use cases, however if you want a more feature-rich experience then you should consider the Tyk Enterprise Developer Portal. This provides audience management, full UI customisation including custom JS insertion and custom page templates, forums and blog features, grouping APIs into API Products, and other enterprise-grade features.


Support for API Blueprint is being deprecated. See Importing APIs for more details.

The Tyk Classic Developer Portal is available to Tyk Self-Managed and Tyk Cloud users.

For examples of how clients have used our portal, visit: