Traffic per OAuth Client

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Traffic statistics are available on a per OAuth Client ID basis if you are using the OAuth mode for one of your APIs. To get a breakdown view of traffic aggregated to a Client ID, you will need to go to the System Management -> APIs section and then under the OAuth API, there will be a button called OAuth API. Selecting an OAuth client will then show its aggregate activity

OAuth Client

In the API list view – an OAuth Clients button will appear for OAuth enabled APIs, use this to browse to the Client ID and the associated analytics for that client ID:

OAuth Client Analytics Data

You can view the analytics of individual tokens generated by this Client ID in the regular token view.


From Tyk v5.1 (and LTS patches v4.0.14 and v5.0.3) the Traffic per OAuth Client ID charts will not be visible to a user if they are assigned the Owned Analytics permission.