Dashboard API

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The Tyk Dashboard API is a superset of the Tyk Gateway API, enabling (almost) all of the core features and adding many more. The Dashboard API is also more granular and supports Role Based Access Control (RBAC) on both a multi-tenant, and user basis.

Using the Dashboard API it is possible to set Read / Write / ReadWrite / Deny access to sections of the API on a user by user basis, and also segregate User / Key / API Ownership by organization.

The availability of RBAC varies depending on the license or subscription. For further information, please check our price comparison or consult our sales and expert engineers Contact us


For optimal results, it is advisable to exclusively employ the Tyk Dashboard API (avoiding direct calls to the Tyk Gateway API) within a Self-Managed setup, enabling the Dashboard to manage the Tyk API gateways cluster.

Tyk Dashboard API security