Deploy Tyk Self managed On Windows Using Helm

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Installing Tyk on Kubernetes requires a multi-node Tyk license. If you are evaluating Tyk on Kubernetes, contact us to obtain an temporary license.


This deployment is NOT designed for production use or performance testing. The Tyk Pro Docker Demo is our full, Self-Managed solution, which includes our Gateway, Dashboard and analytics processing pipeline.

This demo will run Tyk Self-Managed on your machine, which contains 5 containers: Tyk Gateway, Tyk Dashboard, Tyk Pump, Redis and either MongoDB or one of our supported SQL databases.

This demo is great for proof of concept and demo purposes, but if you want to test performance, you need to move each component to a separate machine.


You use this at your own risk. Tyk is not supported on the Windows platform. However you can test it as a proof of concept using our Pro Demo Docker installation.


Ensure that kubectl and helm prerequisites are configured on your Windows path environment variable

This demo installation was tested with the following tools/versions:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro v1909 VM on Azure (Standard D2 v3 size)
  • Docker Desktop for Windows (Docker engine v19.03.5)
  • helm v3.0.3
  • minikube v1.7.1 (k8s v 1.17.2)
  • kubectl v 1.17.0 (Note that kubectl is packaged with Docker Desktop for Windows, but the version may be incompatible with k8s)


Now you have your prerequisites, follow the instructions from our Tyk Helm Chart page.