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What Is Tyk Cloud?


This page explains what Tyk Cloud is and how the Tyk SaaS solution makes it easy for you to optimise your platforms in just a few clicks, so that you can manage your APIs seamlessly.

Next Level SaaS

Tyk is cloud native and has always been a true multi-cloud product and now we’re taking it to the next level with our next level SaaS platform, Tyk Cloud.

Now you don’t need to worry about vendor lock-in, or complex deployments, you can benefit from being able to optimise your platforms across and between a myriad of providers such as AWS, Google Cloud etc.

Quick deployments Wherever you need them

Want to handle Govt API traffic in Singapore? With just a few clicks your data and Tyk Gateways are live and secured in the AWS Gov cloud. Want to add local Gateways in Australia to improve performance and resilience? It’s just a click away. Want to deploy your management layer to your own hosted servers rather than a cloud provider? We make it simple.

The new Tyk Tyk Cloud platform allows you to quickly setup the full Tyk Enterprise API Management platform, simply choosing the regions where you wish to locate your gateways and where you wish your data to reside, resulting in immediate and secure data sovereignty.

Seamlessly wire your environments between cloud providers, and your own infrastructure, anywhere in the world at the click of a button, not only eliminating lock-in but making it possible to expand your platform to cater for the changing needs of your clients.

Designed for Enterprises

Tyk Cloud is designed for Enterprises who may have multi-organisations and multi-teams, so you can combine or isolate your platform and the underlying providers, the choice is completely yours!

To make it even simpler, Tyk Cloud is pre-configured so you can be up and running within a few clicks, no laborious tasks for your internal teams and best practice configuration and security is delivered out of the box.