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Install Middleware on Tyk Pro

In some cases middleware references can’t be directly embedded in API Definitions (for example, when using the Tyk Dashboard in an On-Premises Pro installation). However, there is an easy way to distribute and enable custom middleware for an API in a Tyk node by adding them as a directory structure.

Tyk will load the middleware plugins dynamically on host-reload without needing a direct reference to them in the API Definition.

The directory structure should look like this:

  / {API Id}
    / pre
    / {middlewareObject1Name}.js
    /  {middlewareObject2Name}.js
    / post
      / {middlewareObject1Name}_with_session.js
      / {middlewareObject2Name}.js

Tyk will check for a folder that matches the API Id being loaded, and then load the pre and post middleware from the respective directories.

NOTE:The filename must match the object to be loaded exactly.

If your middleware requires session injection, then append _with_session to the filename.

Enable the JSVM

Before you can use Javascript Middleware you will need to enable the JSVM.

You can do this by setting enable_jsvm to true in your tyk.conf file.