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Tyk Documentation

Our documentation helps you get the most out of your Tyk installation. It covers all aspects of using Tyk to manage your APIs.

Getting started

We have installation and tutorials for all Tyk Editions:

Our tutorials cover all the subjects to get you started with Tyk, both using the Dashboard, and using our own APIs where available. From creating APIs to deploying your portal to your end users.

Our documentation also covers the following (and more):


The important key concepts behind Tyk, helping you to understand the Tyk way of doing things.


How to configure Tyk to suit your requirements.


How to use Tyk’s analytics tools.

Customising Tyk

How to customise Tyk, using Rich Plugins and JavaScript Virtual Machine Middleware.

Portal Configuration

How to personalise your Developer Portal.

Tyk APIs

How to use our APIs.

Current Versions

  • Tyk Gateway v3.0
  • Tyk Dashboard v3.0
  • Tyk Pump v1.0
  • Tyk Identity Broker (TIB) v0.7.1
  • MDCB v1.7.2

Supported MongoDB and Redis Versions

Tyk has been tested on the following versions:

  • MongoDB 3.x and 4.0.x
  • Redis 2.8.x to 5.0.x