Quick Customisation

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Tyk Enterprise Developer Portal

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In this section we will explain how to apply your branding (styling - CSS) on the portal elements with your own colours and logo within minutes.


  • A Tyk Self-Managed installation
  • A login for the portal admin app
  • Access to your Tyk portal file system

Step by step instructions

  1. Access the file directory for the Developer portal
  2. The default logo is located in /themes/default/assets/images/ and is called dev-portal-logo.svg.
  3. Replace the default image with your own, keeping the same file name and in .svg format, ensuring that xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" is included within your <svg> tag.


If you want to use different naming, path reference or extension, the code is <img src="/assets/images/dev-portal-logo.svg"> and is found on line 6 from the /themes/default/partials/footer.tmpl template.

Part 2 - Changing brand colours

Let’s now explain how to manage borders and change the colors of buttons, texts and backgrounds. The file we’ll be looking at is /themes/default/assets/stylesheets/main.css which contains some CSS variables that are used throughout the app. Let’s take a closer look. You can apply some changes in the portal based on your preferences. For example, you can change the navigation background colour, the text colour and the different button theme colours. Furthermore, you can change table border colour and radius.

If you want to change the navigation background colour you need to edit the variable called --tdp-nav-bg-color Similarly other variables as you can see where/how each one is used:


tdp stands for Tyk Developer Portal

Background colours

Background Colour settings Tyk Enterprise Portal

  • --tdp-nav-bg-color navigation background colour
  • --tdp-body-bg-color App background colour

Text colours

Text Colour settings Tyk Enterprise Portal

  • --tdp-text-color default text colour
  • --tdp-link-color links (anchor tags)
  • --tdp-nav-link-color navigation links


Border Colour settings Tyk Enterprise Portal

  • --tdp-card-border-radius Card component
  • --tdp-border-color-on-error input color if there’s an error
  • --tdp-table-border-color table
  • --tdp-border-radius radius
  • --tdp-primary-border form elements (such as <input> and <select>) if active
  • --tdp-form-element-border form elements (such as <input> and <select>)


Buttons have four different concepts and each one of them has two or more variables:

Button Colour settings Tyk Enterprise Portal


  • --tdp-primary-btn-color background colour
  • --tdp-primary-btn-border border colour


  • --tdp-secondary-btn-color background colour
  • --tdp-secondary-btn-border border colour


  • --tdp-danger-btn-color background colour
  • --tdp-danger-btn-border border colour
  • --tdp-danger-outline-btn-border border colour of the outline variation


  • --tdp-warning-btn-color background colour
  • --tdp-warning-btn-border border colour
  • --tdp-warning-outline-btn-border border colour of the outline variation