Dashboard not showing any analytics data

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The user is unable to see analytics data from a particular time period in the Dashboard


Missing analytics data could be caused by a number of different reasons:

  • Gateway incorrectly configured
  • Pump incorrectly configured
  • Pump service not running
  • Dashboard incorrectly configured
  • MDCB incorrectly configured
  • Browser caching stale data


Gateway incorrectly configured

Ensure the Gateway tyk.conf has:

  • enable_analytics set to true. This sets the Gateway to record analytics data.
  • analytics_config.storage_expiration_time set to a value larger than the Pump’s purge_delay. This allows the analytics data to exist long enough in Redis to be processed by the Pump.
  • analytics_config.ignored_ips set to []. This ensures the Gateway will create analytics for requests from any IP address.
  • enforce_org_data_age set to false. This prevents the data from being removed based on it reaching a certain age.

Pump incorrectly configured

Ensure the Pump pump.conf has:

  • analytics_storage_type set to redis.
  • analytics_storage_config settings are set to the same Redis instance that the Gateway is connected to.

Pump service not running

Ensure the Pump service is running.

Dashboard incorrectly configured

Ensure the Dashboard tyk_analytics.conf has:

  • mongo_url set to the same MongoDB instance that the Pump is connected to.

MDCB incorrectly configured

For scenarios where MDCB is used, ensure the sink.conf has:

  • analytics.mongo_url set to the same MongoDB instance that the Dashboard is connected to.
  • forward_analytics_to_pump set to the correct value for your solution. false if MDCB is directly recording the analytics itself, true if it is forwarding analytics data for the Pump to process. For the forwarding scenario, set the storage settings to the same Redis instance that the Pump is connected to.

Browser caching stale data

Try restarting your browser, or using a private session.

You can also try restarting the Dashboard service.

Troubleshooting tip

Check if MongoDB contains analytics data by running the following query (but update the date parameter first):

db.getCollection('tyk_analytics_aggregates').find({timestamp: {$gte: new ISODate("2016-09-26T23:59:00Z")}})

The query gets all aggregated analytics data from the date provided, so if you set it to yesterday you will get all data since yesterday. The data must be in the ISO format.