All About APIs Podcast

The podcast on designing, launching and maintaining APIs that unlock new growth opportunities

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What to expect

On All About APIs, seasoned API practitioners, product leaders and architects share tangible advice on what it takes to successfully design, launch and maintain APIs that unlock new growth opportunities.

From new API-enabled growth opportunities, through developer experience, collaborative design, governance, to architectural and security best practices, you’ll walk away with practical takeaways about all things API.



Hosted by:

Budha Bhattacharya

Product Evangelist

Budha is a Product Evangelist showcasing the capabilities of Tyk and how it drives business success for clients through webinars, podcasts and articles. 

With a background in both technology and business, he is passionate about solving problems at scale and building a connected world through APIs.


Sedky Abou-Shamalah

Lead Solution Architect

Sedky is a full-stack developer and solutions architect by trade and a serial technologist at heart. As a solutions architect at Tyk, he helps companies design and architect API management platforms and digital transformation journeys.

This has been made possible with an expertise across many disciplines, from software development, solutions architecting, DevOps, and cloud architecture.