Managing Environments

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Environments are used to group your Control Plane and Cloud Data Planes into logical groups. For example you may want to create environments that reflect different departments of your organization.


The number of Environments you can create is determined by your plan


The following user roles can perform Environment Admin tasks:

  • Org Admin
  • Team Admin

You should also have created a team to assign to any new environment.

Adding a New Environment

  1. From the Environments screen, click Add Environment
  2. Select the team you want to assign to the Environment
  3. Give your new Environment a name
  4. Click Create

Editing an Existing Environment

An Org Admin can perform the following:

  • Rename an Environment
  • Delete an Environment
  1. Click the environment Name from your list

Edit Environment Name

  1. Click Edit

Env Edit Screen

  1. You can now rename the environment, or delete it from your organization

Delete or Rename Env


Deleting an environment will also delete all the Control Planes and Cloud Data Planes associated with it