Quick Start - Free Trial

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New to Tyk Self Managed? Click the button below to kickstart your journey with the basics.

Important note: Upon clicking, you will need to sign up. Take advantage of our 2-week trial for the Tyk Dashboard & Developer Portal, and receive your temporary license along with installation instructions during the process.

Free trial

What’s Included in the Quick Start?

  • View an example API secured through the Tyk Gateway, configured with rate limiting.
  • Login to Tyk Dashboard to view API analytics and update the configuration of the API (e.g. with further authentication options).
  • Update rate limits for the example API.

Trial Prerequisites

The recommended way to start your free trial is via Docker. Follow the instructions to install Docker.

Next Step - Proof of Concept (PoC)

You have completed the quick start guide above and wonder what’s next, please read below.

PoC Guide

To find out more, visit our Tyk Technical PoC Guide.

Longer Trial Period Request

If you would like an extended trial to conduct your POC, please reach out to the Tyk Team to share your plans with us:

Contact us

Tyk Demo - The Perfect PoC Experience

Head over to our Tyk Demo guides in Kubernetes or Docker. These guides, with zero to none effort, will spin up the full Tyk infrastructure (Tyk stack) with examples of Tyk’s capabilities and integrations out-of-the-box.