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Capping analytics data storage

If you wish to reduce or manage the amount of data in your MongoDB, you can also add an expire index to the collection and have Tyk enforce organisation quotas. You have two ways of doing this. A time based cap and a size based cap.

Time Based Cap

To add an expiry index to your analytics log data simply follow these three steps.

Step 1: Add the index to MongoDB

Run this command in your preferred MongoDB tool:

    db.tyk_analytics.createIndex( { "expireAt": 1 }, { expireAfterSeconds: 0 } )

Step 2. Create an organisation quota

    curl --header "x-tyk-authorization: {tyk-gateway-secret}" --header "content-type: application/json" --data @expiry.txt http://{tyk-gateway-ip}:{port}/tyk/org/keys/{org-id}


    "allowance": 10000,
    "rate": 10000,
    "per": 0,
    "expires": 0,
    "quota_max": -1,
    "quota_renews": 1406121006,
    "quota_remaining": 100000,
    "quota_renewal_rate": 100000,
    "org_id": "{your-org-id}",
    "data_expires": 86400

Set the data expires to a time in seconds for it to expire. Tyk will calculate the expiry date for you.

Step 3: Make sure the setting is enabled in tyk.conf

    "enforce_org_data_age": true, 
    "enforce_org_quota": false

Note: This will only work for v2.2.0.23, if you are running an earlier patch, you will need to enforce_org_quota set to true.

Size Based Cap

Add the Size Cap

Note: The size value should be in bytes, and we recommend using a value just under the amount of RAM on your machine.

Run this command in your MongoDB shell:

    use tyk_analytics
    db.runCommand({"convertToCapped": "tyk_analytics", size: 100000});

Adding the Size Cap if using a mongo_selective Pump

The mongo_selective pump stores data on a per organisation basis. You will have to run the following command for an individual organisation as follows.

Run this command in your MongoDB shell:

    db.runCommand({"convertToCapped": "z_tyk_analyticz_<org-id>", size: 100000});