Google Cloud

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GCP is Google’s Cloud services platform. It supports both the running of Ubuntu Servers and Docker.

For more details, see the Google Cloud Documentation.

Tyk Installation Options for Google CLoud

Google Cloud allows you to install Tyk in the following ways:


  1. Via our Ubuntu Setup on an installed Ubuntu Server within Google Cloud.
  2. Via our Docker Installation using Google Cloud’s Docker support.

Tyk Pump on GCP

When running Tyk Pump in GCP using Cloud Run it is available 24/7. However, since it is serverless you also need to ensure that the CPU always allocated option is configured to ensure availability of the analytics. Otherwise, for each request there will be a lag between the Tyk Pump container starting up and having the CPU allocated. Subsequently, the analytics would only be available during this time.

  1. Configure Cloud Run to have the CPU always allocated option enabled. Otherwise, the Tyk Pump container needs to warm up, which takes approximately 1 min. Subsequently, by this time the stats are removed from Redis.

  2. Update the Tyk Gateway configuration to keep the stats for 3 mins to allow Tyk Pump to process them. This value should be greater than the Pump purge delay to ensure the analytics data exists long enough in Redis to be processed by the Pump.