Register for a Portal

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Tyk Enterprise Developer Portal

If you are interested in getting access contact us at [email protected]


There are two ways for registering a new account

  1. Self signup via the form.
  2. Receive an invitation from the portal admin.

Self signup

To use the self sign up flow, you’ll need to:

  1. Access the Portal and click REGISTER.

Portal login and Register menu

  1. Complete the Create an Account form.

Form to create a developer portal account

  1. Click Register to developer portal.
  2. If the portal allows signup without approval, you’ll get a message that allows you to log in straight away.

Account registered to allow immediate access to the portal

Receive invitation from portal admin

If the portal requires an admin to approve a registration request, after submitting the Create an Account form, you will get the following message.

Registration account submitted for admin approval