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Using Custom Domains


You can set up Tyk Cloud to use a custom domain. Using custom domains is available on the following plans:

  • Production
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise HA
  • Enterprise Global

You can use a custom domain for both your Control Planes and Edge Gateways

Custom Domains with Control Planes

Currently, you can only use one custom domain per Control Plane deployment

Custom Domains with Edge Gateways

You can set multiple custom domains on an Edge Gateway

How to set up a Custom Domain

In this example we are going to set up a custom domain called edge.corp.com

  1. Create a CNAME DNS record edge.corp.com that points to your Edge ingress (e.g. something-something.aws-euw2.cloud-ara.tyk.io).
  2. From your Edge deployment, select Edit from the Status drop-down.

Edge drop-down

  1. Enter edge.corp.com in the Custom Domains field.

Edge Custom Domain

  1. Click Save and Re-deploy.

Save and Re-Deploy