Capturing detailed logs

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If you’ve seen the documentation for Tyk Dashboard’s log browser, then you’ll also be wondering how to set up your Tyk configuration to enable detailed request logging.

What is detailed request logging?

When detailed request logging is enabled, Tyk will record the request and response in wire-format in the analytics database. This can be very useful when trying to debug API requests to see what went wrong for a user or client.

This mode is configured in the gateway and can be enabled at the system, API or access key level.

You will also need your Tyk Pump configured to move data into your preferred data store.

Disabling detailed recording for a particular pump

In some cases, you don’t want to send the detailed request and response to a particular data store. In order to do that, you can set omit_detailed_recording in your Tyk Pump configuration file to true. This will disable the detailed logging for a specific pump.

For example, if we have an ElasticSearch, Kafka and CSV stores, and you want to save the detailed recording in all of them except Kafka you can use the following configuration:

Enable detailed analytics on the Gateway tyk.conf using:

"enable_analytics" : true,
"analytics_config": {
  "enable_detailed_recording": true
  • Configure each pump on pump.conf.
  • Add the omit_detailed_recording variable to the Kafka pump:
"pumps": {
  "kafka": {
      "type": "kafka",
      "meta": {