Invalidating the Cache

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The cache for an API can be invalidated (or flushed) to force the creation of a new cache entry before the cache’s normal expiry.

This is achieved by calling one of the dedicated cache invalidation API endpoints. There is a cache invalidation endpoint in both the Tyk Dashboard API and Tyk Gateway API; the URLs differ slightly, but they have the same effect.

For Dashboard-managed deployments, it’s recommended to call the Dashboard API version, as this will handle the delivery of the message to all Gateways in the cluster.

Caches are cleared on per-API basis, so the request to the invalidation endpoint must include the ID of the API in the path.

For example, with the Tyk Gateway API:

DELETE /tyk/cache/{api-id}

and with the Tyk Dashboard API:

DELETE /api/cache/{api-id}

Note that prior to Tyk version 3.0.9 and 4.0, this was not supported on MDCB Data Plane gateways.


Cache invalidation is performed at the API level, so all cache entries for the API will be flushed.