Tyk Demos & PoCs

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If you’ve successfully completed the Quick Start, congratulations! This page is the next step in your Tyk journey and designed for users who are ready to play with Tyk, learn more about Tyk’s capabilities, services, and integration options.

We have two feature-rich and comprehensive demo repositories which provides an example installation of Tyk.

Each starts quickly by spinning up Tyk along with various deployment settings, architectures and integrations such as MDCB, Tyk Operator, Keycloak, Jaeger, Prometheus and more.

Both repositories include Postman collections, to facilitate exploration and experiencing Tyk’s features and functionality.

Use these projects as your playground to test, configure, experiment with new features and try the various Tyk API definitions for your day-to-day development of APIs. We hope you find them valuable. Feel free to reach out with any feedback.

These are our demo projects:

  1. tyk-demo - Docker based
  2. tyk-k8s-demo - Kubernetes based.