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Password Policy

Tyk allows you to control password requirements for Dashboard users, developers (i.e. users registered to the developer portal) and basic auth keys. Please note: This configuration is enforced by the Tyk-Dashboard and as such is not available in the Tyk Community Edition. Also since it require access to the Tyk Dashboard installation folder, it is currently not available for cloud/multi-cloud clients.

You can find the configuration files in the schemas directory of your Tyk Dashboard installation folder, as follows:

  • For Dashboard users you define policy in schemas/password.json
  • For developers you define policy in schemas/developer_password.json
  • For basic auth keys you define policy in ./schemas/basic_auth.json

The following validators are available:

  • minLength - sets minimum password length
  • multiCase - boolean, upper and lower case characters are required
  • minNumeric - minimum number of numeric characters
  • minSpecial - minimum number of special characters, like @, $, % etc.
  • disableSequential - boolean, disable passwords which include at least 3 sequential characters. For example: abc, 123, 111, xxx etc.

Below is an example of password.json file, with all options turned on:

  "title": "User password schema",
  "type": "string",

  "minLength": 6,
  "multiCase": true,
  "minNumeric": 2,
  "minSpecial": 2,
  "disableSequential": true

NOTE: This option is only available from Dashboard v1.3.2 and onwards.