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Outbound Email Configuration

Custom Email Templates

The email templates for the Portal and system messages are located in the portal/email_templates directory. Tyk Dashboard will need to be restarted for changes to take effect.

Supported email drivers

  • SMTP
  • Mandrill
  • Sendgrid
  • Mailgun
  • AmazonSES

To get email set up for your installation, add the following to your tyk_analytics.conf file:

"email_backend": {
  "enable_email_notifications": true,
  "code": "{PROVIDER-NAME}",
  "settings": {
    // Client provider specific settings go here. You can find the specific field described below 
  "default_from_email": "[email protected]",
  "default_from_name": "Jeffrey (The Dude) Lebowski"


Available from Tyk Dashboard version 1.7

"code": "smtp",
"settings": {
  "SMTPUsername": "[email protected]",
  "SMTPPassword": "examplepassword",
  "SMTPAddress": ""


"code": "mandrill",
"settings": {
  "ClientKey": "xxxxxxxxx"


"code": "sendgrid",
"settings": {
  "ClientKey": "xxxxxxxxx"


"code": "mailgun",
"settings": {
  "Domain": "KEY",
  "PrivateKey": "KEY",
  "PublicKey": "KEY"

Amazon SES

"code": "amazonses",
"settings": {
  "Endpoint": "Endpoint",
  "AccessKeyId": "Access-key",
  "SecretAccessKey": "KEY"