Task 6 - Test your API

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Your first API has been added. What’s next? Testing it! This page shows how you can test an API that you have added to Tyk Cloud, to ensure that it’s functioning correctly. You’ll now access the API you setup in Task 5 from the Cloud Data Plane within Tyk Cloud.

Steps to test your API

  • Step 1 - Access the Gateway Ingress: From the Cloud Data Plane overview, copy the Ingress link and open it in a browser tab. You will get a 404 error.

  • Step 2 - Append the URL with your API: You created a API named my app in Task 5. Add /my-app/ to the end of the URL. You should be taken to https://httpbin.org/, which you added as the Target URL for the API in Task 5.

Next you’ll view the analytics for your API in the Dashboard.