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Our Plans


Our plans cover every use case scenario, from a free trial, to a global enterprise ready plan. You can also purchase addons to increase your functionality. For details on our available plans and pricing go to Tyk Cloud Pricing.

Here’s an overview of all of the available plans:

Plan Who’s it for? About
5-week free trial This is for POC’s and those testing the Tyk platform. The Tyk Cloud free is 5 weeks so that you would have enough time to work your way through all the features. With this, you get 5-week access to the full Tyk Stack. For the 5-week trial plan, the quotas are the same as for our Enterprise Global plan. You can always request a longer trial period or talk to support if you need help.
Cloud Free This is for Makers, POC’s & Hackers. This plan includes all the same features included in the other plans but with limitations. There is no choice of region, must be a fixed Cloud Free region (EU West). In case you want an upgrade, data migration would be involved.
Launch For single teams with low traffic, mostly small businesses This plan includes all of the features of the Tyk Stack. You can have custom domains and plugins along with standard support
Grow For single teams with high traffic This plan includes all of the features of the Tyk Stack. In this plan, you have Hybrid Gateways as an add on. Standard support is provided
Scale For Global Organisations with multiple teams This plan includes all of the features of the Tyk Stack. Silver support will be provided
Enterprise For large, Global Organisations whose needs do not fit into one of our other plans. This plan includes unlimited usage of all features in the Tyk Stack. You can also have a customised number of teams and users.

Available add ons

You can purchase the following addons, depending on your plan.

  • Additional Control Planes
  • Additional Edge Gateways
  • Additional Users
  • Additional Teams
  • Additional Gateway Region (Enterprise Plans only)
  • SLA support (varies according to your plan)

Changing plans

You can upgrade or downgrade your current plan at any point in your billing cycle and your payment will be pro-rata’d to reflect the new payment.

Downgrading plan requirements

If you downgrade your plan, the new plan may have less entitlements than your current plan. You will need to restructure your organisation to comply with the new plan entitlements before the downgraded billing starts.

Checking the Tyk Cloud status

If you want to check if there are issues with the environments and any upcoming down times, you can go to the Tyk Status page.