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Our Plans


Our plans cover every use case scenario, from a free trial, to a global enterprise ready plan. You can also purchase addons to increase your functionality.

For details on our available plans and pricing go to Tyk Cloud Pricing

14 Day Free Trial

With our free trial you get 14 days access to the full Tyk Stack with the following:

  • 3 Environments
  • 3 Control Planes
  • 18 Edge Gateways
  • 3+ Gateway regions
  • 500Gb of Daily Bandwidth Quota
  • 50Gb of Storage
  • Custom domains
  • Hybrid Gateways
  • Burstable capacity

You can create 20 teams with 20 users.


For the 14 day trial plan, these quotas are the same as for our Enterprise Global plan

What happens at the end of my free trial?

Available Addons

You can purchase the following addons, depending on your plan.

  • Additional Control Planes
  • Additional Edge Gateways
  • Additional Users
  • Additional Teams
  • Additional Gateway Region (Enterprise Plans only)
  • SLA support (Enterprise Plans only)

Changing Plans

You can upgrade or downgrade your current plan at any point in your billing cycle and your payment will be pro-rata’d to reflect the new payment.

Downgrading Plan requirements

If you downgrade your plan, the new plan may have less entitlements than your current plan. You will need to restructure your organisation to comply with the new plan entitlements before the downgraded billing starts.

The following restrictions apply:

  • Downgrading to the Free plan means you can no longer use Custom Domains.