Task 5 - Deploy your Cloud Data Plane and add your first API

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Your onboarding is now complete! The next step will be to setup a very basic API to demonstrate how APIs are managed within Tyk Cloud.


In Tyk Gateway release 5.3.0, Tyk OAS APIs gained feature maturity. Tyk Dashboard will automatically migrate any pre-5.3.0 Tyk OAS APIs to the feature mature standard when you upgrade to 5.3.0 or later. Feature mature Tyk OAS APIs may not work with pre-5.3.0 versions of Tyk Gateway.

It is not possible to rollback to previous versions of Tyk components with Tyk OAS APIs created in 5.3.0.

For further details, please refer to the release notes for Tyk Gateway v5.3.0.

Steps to add an API in Tyk Cloud

  • Step 1 - Access the Dashboard: Go to the Control Plane overview and click the dashboard link in the Ingress list. You’ll be redirected to the Tyk Dashboard for your Control Plane.

  • Step 2 - Add a New API: Click the APIs menu item and then click Add New API.

  • Step 3 - Core Settings:

    1. Give Your API a name - We’ll use “my app” for the rest of this Getting Started journey.
    2. Scroll down to the Target URL setting and use the URL https://httpbin.org/
    3. Then scroll down to the Authentication section and select Open(Keyless) to keep things simple for this demo.


Ensure you configure a valid API Listen path. Root ("/") listen paths are not supported on Tyk Cloud deployments prior to version v3.2.0.

  • Step 4 - Advanced Options:

    1. Click the Advanced Options tab of the API Designer.
    2. Scroll to the Segment Tags (Node Segmentation) setting and add the cloud data plane tag (edge) you saw when creating the Cloud Data Plane.

Segment Tags


How Segment Tags work in Tyk Cloud?

When a Cloud Data Plane is deployed, the tag ’edge’ and a location tag are automatically generated for the Cloud Data Plane. You use these tags to connect your API to the appropriate Cloud Data Plane. It works as follows:

  1. Add the edge tag to your API to connect it to all Cloud Data Planes within the Control Plane.
  2. Add the location tag to your API to connect it to only Cloud Data Planes with that location within the Control Plane.


All APIs must be connected to a Cloud Data Plane by adding the appropriate tag in the Segment Tags (Node Segmentation) in the API Designer.

  • Step 5 - Save Your API: Click Save from the API Designer. Your API will now be added to the APIs list and as the next step you’ll access your API from the Gateway Ingress.

Watch our video on Adding an API to your Tyk Cloud Dashboard.

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