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gRPC Proxy

Using Tyk as a gRPC Proxy

Tyk supports gRPC passthrough proxying when using HTTP/2 as a transport (the most common way to deploy gRPC services). The only requirement is enabling HTTP/2 support on the Gateway side, for both incoming and upstream connections, by setting http_server_options.enable_http2 and proxy_enable_http2 to true in your Gateway config file.

You also need to set your listen_path in your API definitions.

The gRPC over HTTP2 specification defines the rules on how the gRPC protocol maps to a HTTP request. In the context of the API Gateway, we are intersted in the following:

  • HTTP path follows the format /{Service-Name}/{method name}, for example: /google.pubsub.v2.PublisherService/CreateTopic. You can use this feature to apply standard ACL rules via Keys and Policies, or use URL rewrite plugins in our Endpoint Desiger.
  • HTTP method is always POST. gRPC custom request metadata is added as HTTP headers, where metadata key is directly mapped to the HTTP header with the same name.