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Why Tyk?

  1. 69,000 requests per second with sub ms latency (Seriously)
  2. Committed to backwards compatibility, with no need to maintain forks, third party dependencies, or purchase SaaS add-ons
  3. Continuously improved and extended, together with our enthusiastic community

Products that flex to your needs

Providing the same exceptional tools for different use cases and deployment scenarios.

Get started instantly and deploy global API infrastructure with the press of a button.

Complete control with the Tyk API Management platform installed in your own infrastructure.

Global multi-system, single-dashboard API management for a DevOps world, with always-on support.

Proud of our active Tyk community

We’re on a mission to make APIs accessible to everyone, whether you’re a student or a multinational corporation. We started as a community project, and we’ll always be one at heart – with your help, we get better all the time.