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Asynchronous, event-driven API Management

Tyk streams

Tyk Streams, our new product, has arrived! Tyk Streams is a powerful new feature in the Tyk API management platform that enables organisations to securely expose, manage and monetise real-time event streams and asynchronous APIs.

Synchronous or asynchronous protocol support

Use Tyk’s unique stream processing engine to manage Kafka, AMQP, NATS and MQTT embedded as part of your traditional REST and SOAP-based HTTP APIs.

Sync and async API Management

Tyk’s API-Management approach is omni-protocol, supporting traditional HTTP, REST and SOAP, as well as Asynchronous API Management and stream processing for Kafka, AMQP, NATS and MQTT.



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Are you frustrated by the limitations of your current API management system? Tyk gives you complete control over your API system, whether you choose to deploy in the cloudKubernetes, or on-premises. Say goodbye to complex API management and hello to the freedom to create, innovate, and scale your APIs at will. With Tyk, you’re in charge; you’re the boss.