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Welcome to Tyk, the API experience platform

About us


Since 2016, we’ve had one mission: connect every system in the world. We stand for the democratisation of connectivity, aiming to be the fabric of the internet, and power mission-critical systems that people use everyday.

We’re not just another tech vendor – we’re a different way of thinking about, experiencing, and embracing connectivity. Recognised as a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for API Management 2023. Whether you’re a platform manager, product guru, or a developer extraordinaire, start building exceptional API experiences with Tyk.

Mission critical; Battle tested

Without Tyk:


15 million mobile banking customers would be unable to use their banking app
300,000 hotels in 200 countries wouldn’t be able to sell their rooms online
98% of an entire country’s population wouldn't be able to travel
The entire healthcare staff of a major global city would not get paid on time

Engineering excellence: Trust in Tyk

We believe in engineering. Our global team of specialists strive to make it simple, fast, and affordable to connect every system in the world. Product management teams, platform engineering teams and API developers place their trust in Tyk as a business-critical solution, ensuring smooth operations and unlocking new possibilities.

Fast, flexible and scalable, the Tyk API experience platform includes an API gateway, analytics, developer portal and dashboard. Tyk is available in full cloud or on-premises deployment, or the best of both worlds with a unique hybrid model.

We enable businesses to connect systems and services instantly, to create secure, stable and scalable API experiences. Which means your teams have more time to innovate and drive growth. With Tyk at your side, you can create exceptional API experiences and redefine enterprise-scale transformation.

Committed to security and compliance

Recognised as Leader in Gartner’s® 2023 Magic Quadrant™ for APIM

Trusted by leading businesses

Born out of necessity


In 2014, the API management landscape lacked affordable and user-friendly options. Frustrated by the complexity and cost, Martin Buhr, our dev-founder, got to work on something a bit different. Something that would shake up the status quo; that could be whatever you want.

The result: An engineering triumph, a new way of working, and the best talent from across the globe. The Tyk Open Source API Gateway was launched in 2016. In the (almost) decade since its first inception, the platform has been meticulously honed to meet enterprise demands, yet remained agile enough for the dynamic world of startups and side hustles. Tyk has been embraced by tens of thousands of businesses, and hundreds of thousands of users, around the world – including some of the world’s largest enterprises in some of the most highly-regulated industries.

We don’t believe in SanFran offices or change consultants. We’re all about engineering – powerful, performant, and finely tooled – with the best team of engineers, developers and specialists spread all over the world.

For years, we at Tyk were labelled Visionaries in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for API Management. It was a nod to how we’ve continuously pushed the boundaries of API management. In 2023, we were finally recognised as Leaders, a reflection that we’re clearly doing something right. Those crazy, sometimes contrarian, ideas have ultimately helped shape the market around us.