Approve or reject provisioning requests

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Tyk Enterprise Developer Portal

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When an external developer is looking to access a specific API(s) as a part of an API Product, they will request access via the public facing portal.


  • A Tyk Enterprise portal installation
  • A portal admin app login
  • Log in to a provisioning request sent by an external API consumer

Step by step instructions

  1. Log in to the portal admin app
  2. Navigate to Provisioning Requests
  3. Select which request you want to approve
  4. Click the more symbol and select either approve or reject

Approve or reject an API provisioning request

Configure auto approval

You can auto approve provisioning requests. From the Plans section of the admin app, edit a plan and select Auto-approve provisioning request from the Plan Settings. By default this setting is not selected, requiring manual approval of each request. Click Save Changes to enable this setting.

Auto Approve API provisioning requests