Invite Codes

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Tyk Enterprise Developer Portal

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Here you’ll learn about how to create invite codes to add a new external user to the developer portal. Invite codes can be used to simplify user onboarding. Using invite codes, users will be directly assigned to a team and organisation, giving them the same access rights as this team. For example you can use invite codes to:

  • Run a promotional campaign like a Hackathon and give access to specific plans to the users.
  • Onboard a partner company into the portal by giving them this code for anyone registering.


  • A Tyk Enterprise portal installation
  • A portal admin app login

Step by step instructions

  1. From the API Consumers > Invite Codes menu, click Add.

Invite Codes menu

Invite Codes dialog

  1. Add the form details:
    • Set your desired Quota. Quota is the max number of slots available for your invite code. E.g. if set 100, this code can be used by the top 100 users.
    • Set an expiry date, this is the date on which the code will expire and no more users can sign up to it.
    • Set state to Active - this means the code is activated and developers can start using it.
    • Specify the team that any new users that register with this invite code will be added to.

Invite Codes dialog

  1. Save the invite code.
  2. Share the invite codes. When the saving changes a new Invite code was created and can be viewed in the overview table. To share the invite code, copy it and send to your developer teams/users.

Share Invite Codes dialog