Advanced Configuration

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This section covers less common settings, some of which require custom code. Areas include:

  • Transform Traffic. How to use request and response headers and bodies, URL rewriting, request method transforms, the validation of JSON, JQ transforms and how to use our API Endpoint Designer.
  • Integration Options. How you can integrate Tyk with 3rd party providers for plugins, API Authentication, and Single Sign On.
  • Manage Multiple Environments. How to configure Tyk Multi-Cloud and Self-Managed installations to work with multiple geographically or physically separate installations.
  • WebSockets. How to use WebSockets connections with Tyk.
  • Log Data. How to configure your logs, and 3rd party integration with Sentry, Logstash, Graylog ans Syslog.
  • Error Templates. How to create custom HTTP 500 error templates.