Plugins Hub

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Welcome to the Tyk Plugins Hub, dedicated to providing you with a curated list of resources that showcase how to develop Tyk Plugins.

Tyk Plugins are a powerful tool that allows you to develop custom middleware that can intercept requests at different stages of the request lifecycle, modifying/transforming headers and body content.

Tyk has extensive support for writing custom plugins using a wide range of languages, most notably: Go, Python, Javascript etc. In fact, plugins can be developed using most languages via gRPC.


Selected blogs for plugin development are included below. Further examples are available at the Tyk website.

1. Decoupling micro-services using Message-based RPC

  • Summary: Explains how to write a plugin that intercepts an API request and forwards it to a gRPC server. The gRPC server processes the request and dispatches work to an RabbitMQ message queue. The source code is available in the accompanying GitHub repository

2. How to configure a gRPC server using Tyk

  • Summary: Explains how to configure a Python implementation of a gRPC server to add additional logic to API requests. During the request lifecycle, the Tyk-Gateway acts as a gRPC client that contacts the Python gRPC server, providing additional custom logic.

3. How to deploy Python plugins in Tyk running On Kubernetes

  • Summary: Explains how to deploy a custom Python plugin into a Tyk installation running on a Kubernetes cluster.

GitHub Repositories

Here are some carefully selected GitHub repositories that will help you learn how to integrate and utilize Tyk Plugins in your development projects:

1. Tyk Awesome Plugins

  • Description: Index of plugins developed using a variety of languages.
  • Key Features Demonstrated: A comprehensive index for a collection of plugins that can be used with the Tyk API Gateway in areas such as: rate limiting, authentication and request transformation. The examples are developed using a diverse array of languages, including but not limited to: Python, JavaScript and Go. This broad language support ensures that developers from different backgrounds and with various language preferences can seamlessly integrate these plugins with their Tyk API Gateway implementations.

2. Custom Plugin Examples

  • Description: Index of examples for a range of plugin hooks (Pre, Post, Post-Auth and Response) developed using a variety of languages.
  • Key Features Demonstrated: Specific examples include invoking an AWS lambda, inserting a new claim into a JWT, inject a signed JWT into authorization header, request header modification. A range of examples are available including Python, Java, Ruby, Javascript, NodeJS and Go.

3. Environment For Plugin Development

  • Description: Provides a docker-compose environment for developing your own custom Go plugins.
  • Key Features Demonstrated: Showcases support for bundling plugins, uploading plugins to AWS S3 storage, test coverage etc.


Tyk Plugins are a valuable asset in the Tyk API Platform. Plugins enable you to develop custom middleware for intercepted upstream API requests and responses. The resources included in this Tyk Plugin Hub serve to help you harness the capabilities and use cases for Tyk Plugins. By exploring these resources and experimenting with the code, you can gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage Tyk Plugins to build innovative and efficient solutions for your projects.

Happy coding!