Access an API Product

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Tyk Enterprise Developer Portal

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This section explains how to access API products as a registered portal developer


You need to have successfully registered for a portal.

Step by step instructions

  1. Login to the external developer portal
  2. Go to Catalogues to view the available API products


Using the filter at the top, you can filter on the different created catalogues including different API Products, e.g. a custom catalogue that only you and a specific team can access.

  1. When selecting on a product, you can click More info to access the product overview page.
  2. On the product overview page, you can view documentation for each API included in the API product. You can also view information about which catalogue the API product is part of. Each catalogue may have different plans available so you need to select a catalogue based on which plan you want to access.
  3. Click Add to cart.


You can add multiple products to the cart. You can receive one set of access credentials for multiple products as long as they are part of the same cart. If you are adding two products to the cart, and they are part of different catalogues, e.g. Private and Public, you will need to go through two request flows, and you will get two different sets of credentials for each API Product.

  1. Add the details needed and select a subscription plan for your API Product(s) chosen.
  2. Create a new app or add to an existing one. If you already have an existing app created you can access it via the drop down or select Create a new app to add the credentials to an existing app.
  3. Click Request access.
  4. Navigate to My apps and view the app you created. Depending if the plan requires manual approval by an admin or not, you will either see that the request is pending or you can see the approved access credentials immediately you can start using them.


When sending a query, make sure to use the Base URL outlined in the overview of the API Product.