Password Policy

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Tyk allows you to control password requirements for Dashboard users, developers (i.e. users registered to the developer portal) and basic auth keys. Please note: This configuration is enforced by the Tyk-Dashboard and as such is not available in the Tyk Open Source Edition. Also, since it requires access to the Tyk Dashboard installation folder, it is currently not available for Tyk Cloud clients.

There are other security options available from the Dashboard config file. See the security section for more details.

You can find the configuration files in the schemas directory of your Tyk Dashboard installation folder, as follows:

  • For Dashboard users you define policy in schemas/password.json
  • For developers you define policy in schemas/developer_password.json
  • For basic auth keys you define policy in ./schemas/basic_auth.json

The following validators are available:

  • minLength - sets minimum password length
  • multiCase - boolean, upper and lower case characters are required
  • minNumeric - minimum number of numeric characters
  • minSpecial - minimum number of special characters, like @, $, % etc.
  • disableSequential - boolean, disable passwords which include at least 3 sequential characters. For example: abc, 123, 111, xxx etc.

Below is an example of password.json file, with all options turned on:

  "title": "User password schema",
  "type": "string",

  "minLength": 6,
  "multiCase": true,
  "minNumeric": 2,
  "minSpecial": 2,
  "disableSequential": true