Elasticsearch Setup

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Elasticsearch is a highly scalable and distributed search engine that is designed to handle large amounts of data.

JSON / Conf

Add the following configuration fields to the pumps section within your pump.conf file:

  "pumps": {
      "elasticsearch": {
        "type": "elasticsearch",
        "meta": {
          "index_name": "tyk_analytics",
          "elasticsearch_url": "http://localhost:9200",
          "enable_sniffing": false,
          "document_type": "tyk_analytics",
          "rolling_index": false,
          "extended_stats": false,
          "version": "6"

Configuration fields

  • index_name: The name of the index that all the analytics data will be placed in. Defaults to tyk_analytics
  • elasticsearch_url: If sniffing is disabled, the URL that all data will be sent to. Defaults to http://localhost:9200
  • enable_sniffing: If sniffing is enabled, the elasticsearch_url will be used to make a request to get a list of all the nodes in the cluster, the returned addresses will then be used. Defaults to false
  • document_type: The type of the document that is created in Elasticsearch. Defaults to tyk_analytics
  • rolling_index: Appends the date to the end of the index name, so each days data is split into a different index name. For example, tyk_analytics-2016.02.28. Defaults to false.
  • extended_stats: If set to true will include the following additional fields: Raw Request, Raw Response and User Agent.
  • version: Specifies the ES version. Use 3 for ES 3.X, 5 for ES 5.X, 6 for ES 6.X, 7 for ES 7.X . Defaults to 3.
  • disable_bulk: Disable batch writing. Defaults to false.
  • bulk_config: Batch writing trigger configuration. Each option is an OR with each other:
    • workers: Number of workers. Defaults to 1.
    • flush_interval: Specifies the time in seconds to flush the data and send it to ES. Default is disabled.
    • bulk_actions: Specifies the number of requests needed to flush the data and send it to ES. Defaults to 1000 requests. If it is needed, can be disabled with -1.
    • bulk_size: Specifies the size (in bytes) needed to flush the data and send it to ES. Defaults to 5MB. Can be disabled with -1.

Environment variables