Tyk Enterprise Developer Portal v1.3.0

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Licensed Protected Product

Release Date 17 Apr 2023

Breaking Changes

This release has no breaking changes.

Future breaking changes

This release doesn’t introduce future breaking changes.


There are no deprecations in this release.

Upgrade instructions

If you are on a 1.2.0 or an older version we advise you to upgrade ASAP directly to this release.

Release Highlights

API Analytics UI for developers

We added the new API Analytics UI which extends self-service capabilities for developers. This provides developers with an ability to analyse performance of the APIs which they consume, in addition to traffic composition for their apps. The API Analytics UI has four tabs that help developers to navigate different analytical views:

  • The overview tab provides an overarching view on the API Products consumed by a developer. This tab has all information needed to quickly digest the current state of API Products, including: total traffic, number of errors, error breakdown by response code and top APIs by error code.

    API Analytics UI - Overview tab

  • The Total API Calls tab enables developers to analyse traffic from their application to the APIs they consume and how it’s changing over time.

    API Analytics UI - Total API Calls tab

  • The Errors tab provides developers with information relating to total errors and error rates. Here developers can identify any issues with the APIs which they consume without filling any support tickets. Developers can switch between the total number of error and error rates.

    API Analytics UI - Errors tab

  • The Latency tab helps developers to analyze response time of the APIs they consume so that they can factor for it in their applications.

    API Analytics UI - Latency tab

Theme management API

The theme management API enables SDLC for the theme management in the portal. Admin users can leverage this API to programmatically:

  • Create new themes.
  • Update existing themes.
  • Select the currently active theme.

Enhanced error logging for DCR and SSO flows

We introduced more verbose error logging for the DCR flow and for Single Sign-On to help customers set up the SSO and DCR faster. This is especially important for complex environments with highly customised or non-standard IdPs.




  • Added API Consumer Analytics to digest summary analytics for developers’ applications so that developers can analyse performance of the APIs which they consume.
  • Added enhanced error logging in all places where the DCR flow is used. A log structure is now provided, including the status code from an IdP to help API Providers to debug DCR integrations.
  • Added enhanced error logging to the SSO flow to facilitate setting up SSO.
  • Added the Theme management API to enable API Providers to update themes using CI/CD pipelines.


  • Fixed grammar in the Provider menu UI.
  • Fixed broken link to the Access requests menu item in the portal admin dashboard.
  • Fixes to the shopping cart flow were made as follows:
    • Fixed the bug where the ‘Add to cart’ button in the API Product page were not clickable;
    • Added form validation in the checkout flow.
  • Fixed the API Product page to show only catalogues available to a developer.

Further Information

Upgrading Tyk

Please refer to the upgrading Tyk page for further guidance with respect to the upgrade strategy.


Please visit our Developer Support page for further information relating to reporting bugs, upgrading Tyk, technical support and how to contribute.