Upgrading themes for Tyk Enterprise Portal

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The Tyk Enterprise Developer Portal doesn’t automatically update the default theme with every new release of the product because in that case the automatic update may lead to a loss of the customers-made customizations. Therefore, customers need to upgrade their themes manually to get the recent updates and fixes. Follow these steps to upgrade a theme for the portal:

  1. Download a new default theme.
  2. Change its name.
  3. Upload it to the portal.
  4. (Optionally) Apply existing customization to the new theme.

Download a new default theme

  • Download the new default theme for your portal version from the portal-themes repo in GitHub. For example, v1.8.1 theme can be downloaded directly from here.
  • Change the name of the theme to preview the new default theme without overwriting any existing one. You can use any that is other than default or any name of your existing theme. An already customized v1.8.1 theme default-customized.zip that has a name default_v1_8_1 can be downloaded directly from here.
  • To change the theme’s name by yourself, follow the instructions below on this page. You can skip it if you are going to use the default-customized.zip file from the previous step.

Change the name of the theme

  • Unzip the theme file with a graphical file manager or by running a command like this:
unzip -d default default.zip
  • The above command will create a directory named default that contains the theme files including the theme.json file.
  • Navigate to the default directory and edit the theme.json file which defines the name and author of the theme as well as which templates are available in the theme. More information about the theme structure can be found in the theme customization documentation,
  • The theme.json file looks the following json file:
    "name": "default",
    "version": "1.8.1",
    "author": "Tyk Technologies Ltd. <[email protected]>",
    "templates": [
            "name": "Flip Flop",
            "template": "flip_flop",
            "layout": "portal_layout"
            "name": "Home",
            "template": "home",
            "layout": "portal_layout"
            "name": "Catalogue",
            "template": "catalogue",
            "layout": "portal_layout"
  • To change the name of the theme, edit the name field to anything other than default and save your changes.
  • Run the following commands to create a new theme archive that will contain your changes inside the default directory:
rm default.zip $ zip -r9 default.zip *
  • The above command will create a default.zip file inside the default directory with your changes incorporated.

Upload the theme to the portal

To upload the new theme to the portal, use the default.zip theme that is created in the previous step to the portal via the portal’s Admin dashboard or the admin API, and activate it.


Applying existing customizations

If you have made customizations to your existing theme and want to bring those changes to the new theme, please follow the instructions in the copy customizations from existing theme to the new theme section below.

Copy customizations from existing theme to the new theme

If you want to transfer customization of your existing theme to the new theme, follow these steps:

  • Compare the changes between your old theme and the new theme (latest is v1.8.1) and copy your customizations to the new theme directory accordingly.
  • Then follow the previous steps to: