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OAS Glossary

Tyk classic API definition

An API definition written in Tyk’s proprietary API Specification format.

Tyk OAS API definition

An API definition written in OAS and including the Tyk vendor fields to cover details of how the API should be configured when running on Tyk.

OAS API Definition

An API definition written following the OAS specification which does not include any Tyk specific configuration, i.e. it does not have an x-tyk-api-gateway section. Typically you would ‘import’ this into Tyk to turn it into a Tyk OAS API definition. You could also add the appropriate fields manually in your editor of choice. There is an option to export a Tyk OAS API Definition from Tyk as an OAS API Definition. This provides all the information a developer needs to use the API, without the Tyk configuration fields they don’t need to know about.

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