How to Check Your Gateway Version

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Since Gateway version 5.0.8 or 5.2.3 you can inspect detailed build information including the release version by running tyk version.

Release version: v5.3.0-dev
Built by:        goreleaser
Build date:      <date>
Commit:          <commit-hash>
Go version:      go1.20
OS/Arch:         linux/amd64

If you need this in a machine readable format, a --json flag is available.

    "Version": "v5.3.0-dev",
    "BuiltBy": "goreleaser",
    "BuildDate": "<date>",
    "Commit": "<commit-hash>",
    "Go": {
        "Os": "linux",
        "Arch": "amd64",
        "Version": "go1.20"

For older versions of Gateway, you can run tyk --version to print the release version for your tyk binary.

The binary is installed in /opt/tyk-gateway/tyk by default. If your binary is not available in your PATH environment, invoke it from there.

time="Oct 31 17:06:06" level=info msg="Tyk API Gateway v5.3.0-dev" prefix=main