Tyk Enterprise Developer Portal v1.8.3

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Licensed Protected Product

Release Date 22 Jan 2024

Breaking Changes

This release has no breaking changes.

Future breaking changes

This release doesn’t introduce future breaking changes.


There are no deprecations in this release.

Upgrade instructions

If you are on 1.8.1 or an older version we advise you to upgrade ASAP directly to this release.

To upgrade the portal’s theme please follow the upgrade instructions for the portal’s themes.

Release Highlights

The 1.8.3 release addresses ten high-priority bugs and introduces new admin APIs for managing tags and OAuth2.0 client types attached to API Products.




  • Added new admin API for managing tags attached to API Products.
  • Added new admin API for managing OAuth2.0 client types attached to API Products.


  • Fixed the bug where the search bar in the My Apps section of the Developer dashboard didn’t search for an application.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to update read-only details of an API Product via an API call.
  • Fixed the bug where deleting an access request credentials also deleted the access request.
  • Fixed the bug where the button to save a link when editing a hyperlink in the admin UI in the text editor wasn’t displayed.
  • Fixed the bug where the Exports function didn’t export analytics to a CSV file under the Error rate(average) tab in the developer Dashboard.
  • Fixed the bug where the portal did not accept themes with names containing dots and displayed a not found error when uploading a theme with a dot in its name.
  • Fixed the bug in a multi-pod deployment where, when a theme is uploaded, only the pod that uploaded it updates its theme list, while the other pods remain unaware of the new theme.
  • Fixed the bug where the Portal allowed pages to be created with duplicate content block names. Subsequently, only the last content block with the duplicate name was displayed.
  • Fixed the bug where the portal’s page renderer ignored content-blocks under the if statement with references to multiple content-blocks (e.g. {{ if and .blocks.Block1.Content .blocks.Block2.Content .blocks.Block3.Content }}). Subsequently, content that depended on these conditional blocks would not be rendered.
  • Fixed the bug where the product auth type is removed after a product is updated.

Further Information

Upgrading Tyk

Please refer to the upgrading Tyk page for further guidance with respect to the upgrade strategy.


Please visit our Developer Support page for further information relating to reporting bugs, upgrading Tyk, technical support and how to contribute.