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Database Options


From Tyk v4.0, you now have the following options for storing your Tyk Dashboard data:

  • MongoDB - our default option. We support versions 3.x to 4.4.x
  • SQL - we now support the following SQL platforms in v4.0

Proof of concept:

  • PostgreSQL - versions 13.3, 12.7, 11.12, 10.17, 9.6.22
  • SQLite - version 3.35.5

Production Environments

In a production environment, we only support the PostgreSQL versions listed above

Other v4.0 Database features

As well as SQL platform support, we have introduced 4 separate data storage layers. You can configure each layer separately to use one of our supported database platforms, or use a single platfor for all layers. The data storage layers are as follows:

  1. main storage for APIs, Policies, Users, User Groups.
  2. analytics used for displaying all charts and analytics screens.
  3. logs log storage as used in the log browser page.
  4. uptime storing uptime tests analytics.

All data stored in SQL platforms will be identical to our existing MongoDB support.

Which platform should you use?

We recommend the following:

  • For PoC installations, you can use any of the following platforms (SQLite, PostgreSQL or MongoDB).
  • For production installations, we only support MongoDB or PostgreSQL

Configuring SQL

See the following pages for configuring your SQL installation with Tyk: