Tyk OAS API Feature Status

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Tyk Gateway is extremely flexible with a great many features that you can use to configure and optimize the handling of requests to your APIs. During the Early Access phase, we gradually rolled out support for the configuration that is available through Tyk Classic API definitions into the new Tyk OAS API Definition format.

From Tyk Gateway and Dashboard v5.3.0 we have reached feature maturity, however there are still a few features to be added before we reach and surpass feature parity with Tyk Classic API.

In the tables below, Implemented means that the feature is available for use with Tyk OAS APIs while using the Tyk Gateway API or Tyk Dashboard API; the API Designer column shows the features that can be configured using the Tyk Dashboard UI.

If there’s a feature you’re looking to use that isn’t yet implemented, let us know via our community forum or your Tyk representative and help us to help you get started with Tyk OAS.

Management of APIs

Feature Implemented API Designer
API Name
Status (draft/active)
API Categories
API Ownership
API Versioning

Traffic Routing

Feature Implemented Api Designer
Listen Path/ Slug
Target URL

Client to Gateway Authentication and Authorization

Feature Implemented API Designer
Auth Token
OpenID Connect
OAuth 2
Basic Authentication
Custom Authentication Plugin
Multiple Authentication
IP Allowlist ❌️ ❌️
IP Blocklist ❌️ ❌️
GW Request Signing ❌️ ❌️
Token expiration (session_lifetime) ❌️ ❌️

Gateway to Upstream Authentication

Feature Implemented API Designer
Upstream Certificates (mTLS)
Public Key Certificate Pinning ❌️
Upstream Request Signing ❌️ ❌️

API-level (Global) Features

Feature Implemented API Designer
Detailed recording (in Log Browser)
Config Data
Context Variables
Service Discovery
Segment Tags
Internal API (not exposed by Gateway)
Global Header Transform
API-level Rate Limit
Plugin Bundles
Custom Request Plugins (pre/preAuth/post)
Custom Response Plugin
Custom Analytics Plugin ❌️ ❌️
Batch Requests ❌️ ❌️
Analytics API Tagging (tag_headers) ❌️ ❌️
expire_analytics_after ❌️ ❌️
Do not track Analytics (per API) ❌️ ❌️
Webhooks ❌️ ❌️
Preserve Host Header ❌️ ❌️
Transport (proxy.transport) ❌️ ❌️

Endpoint-level Features

Feature Implemented API Designer
Circuit Breaker
Track Endpoint
Do Not Track
Enforced Timeout
Ignore Authentication
Internal Endpoint
URL Rewrite
Validate Request
Request Size Limit
Request Method Transform
Request Header Transform
Request Body Transform
Response Header Transform
Response Body Transform
Mock Response
Virtual Endpoint

Working with Tyk OAS API Definitions

Feature Implemented API Designer
API Export
API Raw OAS Editor
API Endpoint CRUD Operations
Middleware CRUD Operations