Logz.io Setup

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Logz.io is a cloud-based log management and analytics platform that provides log management built on Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.

JSON / Conf file

Add the following configuration fields to the pumps section within your pump.conf file:

    "logzio": {
        "type": "logzio",
        "meta": {
          "token": "<YOUR-LOGZ.IO-TOKEN>"

Environment variables


Advanced configuration fields

  • meta.url: Use if you do not want to use the default Logz.io URL, for example when using a proxy. The default url is https://listener.logz.io:8071.
  • meta.queue_dir: The directory for the queue.
  • meta.drain_duration: This sets the drain duration (when to flush logs on the disk). The default value is 3s.
  • meta.disk_threshold: Set the disk queue threshold. Once the threshold is crossed the sender will not enqueue the received logs. The default value is 98 (percentage of disk).
  • meta.check_disk_space: Set the sender to check if it crosses the maximum allowed disk usage. The default value is true.