Manage Catalogs

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Tyk Enterprise Developer Portal

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Catalogs are a way for you to tailor the audience for API products and Plans. You can, for example create a Partner Catalog, with a specific API product tailored to them and a preferential plan not available in your public portal.

In this section, you will learn about how catalogs work and how to create a new catalog to expose your API products and plans.


Create a new catalog

  1. Navigate to the Catalog section section

Catalogue menu

  1. Click Create a new catalog

Create a new catalogue

  1. Enter Name and Path URL

Name the new catalogue

  1. Set the access required for the catalog e.g. Public, Private or Custom
  • Public: External developers can access the catalog
  • Private: The catalog is only visible to developers that are logged in
  • Custom: Only selected teams can access this catalog
  1. [If creating a custom catalog] Under Audience, select one or multiple teams that you want to have access to this catalog.


For this audience to apply, the visibility needs to be set to custom.

  1. Select the catalog content in terms of which API Products and plans this catalog should contain.