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Tyk is working to provide a new set of helm charts, and will progressively roll them out at tyk-charts. It will provide component charts for all Tyk Components, as well as umbrella charts as reference configurations for open source and Tyk Self Managed users. Please check out the latest status from our Github repository.

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Umbrella Charts Descriptions
tyk-oss Deploys Open source Tyk Gateway and Pump
tyk-stack Deploys Tyk stack including Tyk Dashboard, Gateway, Enterprise Portal, and Pump
Deploys Tyk control plane including Tyk Dashboard, MDCB, Management Gateway, and Enterprise Portal. Tyk control plane manages and configures distributed data planes in separate clusters / regions.
tyk-data-plane Deploys Tyk data plane including Tyk Gateway and Pump. Data planes are managed by Tyk Dashboard and MDCB in control plane.

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