Developer Profiles

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Users that are signed up to your portal are called “Developers”, these users have access to a Dashboard page which show them their API usage over the past 7 days as well as the policy and quota limits on their relevant keys.

Developers can sign up to multiple APIs using the API catalogue.

Developer accounts belong to an organisation ID, so accounts cannot be shared across organisations in a Tyk Dashboard setup.

Developer Menu

Select Add Developer

Developer Profile add

Add Basic Details

Developer Profile Create Details

Developer Profile Overview

The first panel in a developer profile will show you an avatar (if they have a Gravatar-enabled email address), as well as the basic fields of their signup:

Developer profile detail

Developer Usage

The next panel will show you their apI usage as an aggregate for all the tokens that they have generated with their developer access:

Developer usage graph

Developer Keys

In this panel, you will be able to see the various Keys the developer has access to, and the policies that are connected to the individual Key.


From version 1.9, you can now apply multiple policies to an individual Key.

To drill down into the specific usage patterns for each Key, click ANALYTICS for the Key.

Developer Keys

Add a New Key

To subscribe a developer to a new Key, from the Edit Developer screen, click New Key. From the pop-up screen, select one or more policies from the drop-down list and click Request Key.

New Key Request

Changing Developer Policy Keys

Step 1: View the Developer Profile

Browse to the developers list view and select the developer that you wish to manage.

Developer profile detail

Step 2: View Keys List

This sections shows you the Keys and the policies connected to them. This view will always try to match the access level to a catalogue entry, if the policy assigned to a developer is not in the catalogue, the entry will read “(No Catalogue Entry)”. We recommend that all policy levels are in your catalogue, even if they are not all live.

Step 3: Click Options

From the Options drop-down for the Key, select Change Policy.

Keys Sections

Step 4: Select the New Policy

Select a new policy to add to your Key from the Policies drop-down list. You can also remove existing policies connected to the Key.

Change policy drop down list

Step 5: Save the Change

Click CHANGE KEY POLICY to save the changes.

Developer OAuth Clients

Edit the Developer Profile

All fields in the profile are editable. In this section you can select a field and modify that data for the developer. This will not affect any tokens they may have, but it will affect how it appears in their Developer Dashboard in your Portal.

Developer edit form

Developers can edit this data themselves in their accounts section.

Search for a Developer

You can search for a developer (by email address) by entering their address in the Search field.

This option is only available from Dashboard v1.3.1.2 and onwards.

Developer Profile Search

Developer Edit Profile

Once logged in, a developer can edit their profile. Select Edit profile from the Account menu drop-down list.

Manage Profile

A developer can change the following:

  • Email
  • Change Password
  • Name
  • Telephone
  • Country Location

Reset Developer Password

If a developer has forgotten their password, they can request a password reset email from the Login screen.

Login Screen

  1. Click Request password reset
  2. Enter your email address and click Send Password reset email

Email Reset

You will be sent an email with a link to reset your Developer password. Enter your new password and click Update. You can then login with your new details.


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