The opinionated guide to API management in 2023

Discover what’s hot – and what’s not – on the API scene and in the wider tech world right now, according to some (very) opinionated industry experts.

Bring together Tyk Product Evangelist Budha Bhattacharya, Tyk CEO Martin Buhr and Executive API Consultant James Higginbotham and you have a heady mix of opinions on everything from Microservices to GraphQL.

Add into the mix Developer Evangelist at Twilio, Nathaniel Okenwa, Claire Barrett, Director of APIsfirst and Co-founder of Women in APIs, and Tyk COO James Hirst, discussing the topics close to their hearts, and we have got ourselves a pretty extraordinary roster of expert minds to dissect and pinpoint the areas to focus on going forward.

Download the ebook

In this ebook, we dig deep into the API hot topics for 2023. Everything from microservices, GraphQL and service mesh to how to create more diverse, inclusive and equitable organisations – and why it would be nice to have a very boring 2023 – so get strapped in, folks!