GitOps-focused solution

Easy API management with GitOps and Kubernetes

Easy API management with GitOps

Tyk’s open source, full lifecycle API management solution is the ideal enabler. We slot into your existing workflows and CI/CD pipelines with ease, supporting your GitOps continuous deployment best practices.

Key to this is the Tyk Operator. Tyk Operator brings full lifecycle API management capabilities to Kubernetes for the ultimate environment management experience.

Not using Kubernetes? Then it’s Tyk Sync that you need. Whatever your architecture calls for, we’ve got you covered.

Keep your environments in sync and promote your APIs from one to another with ease. Deploy simply and effectively. Use Git with CI/CD tools like Jenkins seamlessly. Flip easily between different environments.

Achieve all of this and more with Tyk’s GitOps-focused solution.

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Enable common GitOps patterns

Tyk Operator enables common GitOps patterns, so there’s no need to learn new software, language or ways of working. No major time investment. Fast, easy onboarding. Continue operating the same way. Just better.

Simplify your environment management

How do you make it easy for people to move their code or solution across different environments? It’s a challenge, but one that Tyk Operator and Tyk Sync are here to help with. Easily wire into Git repositories and synchronise your deployments and releases across different environments.

Quick, painless API segmentation

Tag APIs to different environments quickly and easily with Tyk. Automatically deploy to the environments you want to use. Efficient. Intuitive. Simple.

GitOps and APIs

API management in line with the four GitOps principles can deliver centralised governance of a decentralised microservices architecture in a way that delivers the best of both worlds.

With GitOps, the first step is to declare what you want to achieve. Then it’s time to version control everything in Git, providing a single source of truth from which everything is derived and driven. You can then easily deploy and roll back your apps to and from Kubernetes.

The final stage is to enable the automatic application of approved changes and to use software agents to flag up anytime that reality doesn’t match your expectations.

Tyk enables all of this

With Tyk you can expose your GitOps-driven APIs securely, enforce authentication and rate limiting… all easily orchestrated with a single Kubernetes API that interacts directly with Tyk Operator with custom resource definitions, using a declarative blueprint. Or on Tyk Cloud, if Kubernetes isn’t your thing.

Best-in-class GitOps-driven API deployment

Tyk Operator is an innovative, best-in-class tool to enable your smooth, efficient GitOps-driven API deployment. Built for Kubernetes, it enables the GitOps pattern for multiple branches of the same API management definitions or policies, specified as Kubernetes resources.

Tyk Sync, meanwhile, offers the reliability you need when you need it most.

Whichever option you choose, you can enjoy easy installation and maintenance, integration with version control systems like Git and CI/CD tools like Jenkins and ArgoCD and all the features you can imagine, right out of the box.

With our full lifecycle API management solution, you can use GitOps and CI/CD tools to enable fast, painless experimentation, validation and changes. You can increase productivity, stability and reliability, enhance the developer experience and drive up consistency, standardisation and stronger security.

With Tyk as your enabler, it’s time to achieve your goals.