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Fit your ‘work life’ around your ‘life life’

Make your work/life balance better with Tyk

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What it’s like to work at Tyk

“I’ve enjoyed previous roles but I’ve never quite felt that I have the voice that I do within Tyk.”

Elaine Hollenbeck, Scrum Master

Fancy getting more from your working life?

What can we offer:

  • Unlimited paid holidays – For everyone, for real! because work-life balance is important to us.
  • Fully remote – from anywhere in the world, from your bed or from a beach, whatever suits you best
  • Flexible hours – Take time to recharge, pick up the kids, go to the gym, whatever works best for you, we celebrate that!
  • A generous maternity, paternity policy – plenty of moms and dads across our founders and leadership team, we actively welcome parents and ‘parents to be’ into Tyk.
  • Employee share scheme – employees who help to build Tyk, will be able to enjoy its success.
  • Wellbeing – we have a full service Employee Assistance Programme.
  • Annual company retreats – company wide trip for a week!

Tyk is committed to building an inclusive business

Are you ready to be part of our diverse team?

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Employee success

We are committed to your success, both professionally and personally. Find out more

How we work

Our team members are super smart, but nobody knows everything.

That’s why there are no stupid questions at Tyk. We’ll support anyone who takes the initiative and is curious to find out more. We believe that kind of freedom and trust empowers talented people to create their best work.

Time for our team to do the talking!

That’s enough from us. If you want to hear more about what working at Tyk is like, we think our Tyklings are the best people to tell you about it.

You can read about Tyk on Glassdoor or our Talk to Tykling series.

Or you can dive straight in and find out firsthand, by coming and working for Tyk.

If all this sounds good to you, go and take a look at our vacancies.

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