Scale your API platform easily

Do you want to grow your revenue without substantially increasing your costs? Scaling your API platform can enable you to do so – if you take the right approach.

Rapid business growth can mean teething pains. Technical issues can take you by surprise and onboarding new developers can slow things down. All of which costs you.

Tyk helps on all fronts, ensuring you can scale easily, efficiently and affordably. Our API platform scaling solution heads off technical, quality and performance problems, so you can focus on expanding your market share.


What are the problems related to scaling an API platform across the organisation?

There are plenty of pain points you might encounter when scaling your API platform across the organisation. You could lose much-needed time to onboarding different teams and new developers. You could encounter quality problems if people deploy APIs without suitable governance. A lack of awareness about how your APIs are being used could even result in breaking changes. 

Deploying in new locations can also be an issue. You need to maintain your platform’s performance while supporting new regions and potentially meeting new compliance obligations. All in addition to the technical challenges of scaling without quality or performance problems.

None of this bodes well. Issues like these drain time and resources while distracting you from your goals. But that doesn’t have to be the case…


How does Tyk solve those problems?

Scale a secure platform

Scale your API platform with stellar security, performance, quality and compliance, plus outstanding observability that works with OpenTelemetry, so you can always see what’s going on.

Easy deployment

Deploy Tyk anywhere – on our cloud, on your infrastructure or by downloading our free open source API gateway. Scale fast with easy resource allocation and caching to optimise performance.

Unmatched flexibility

Use Tyk flexibly – with Kubernetes or without. With REST, gRPC, GraphQL or legacy SOAP APIs. Manage anything in any region, all from a single dashboard. 

Seamless integration

CI/CD and GitOps integration – use Tyk Operator or Tyk Sync to put API operations workflows in place, ensuring users can easily create new APIs, with automation reducing time lost to configuring.


3 benefits to
Tyk’s solution

  Deploy anywhere

Any region, any way. Tyk moulds around your needs, delivering security, governance and stability anywhere in the world.


  Advanced automation

Use Tyk Sync and/or Tyk Operator to save time and effort, easily automating your operational workflows.


  Superior observability

See everything clearly to keep your API platform healthy and jump on any issues the moment they arise.